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Proposal location ideas? Step 3 How do you pick a marriage proposal location?  What are unique marriage proposal locations? 

This article will answer all your questions.

Proposal location ideas:  The marriage proposal location is a critically important aspect of a perfect proposal.  Let’s find your location!

Proposal Location ideas may be the first thing that you ponder when planning a marriage proposal.   The setting for your proposal can shape your proposal idea and how you ask your partner to marry you.  Picking the proposal location is the next step on your journey towards the perfect marriage proposal.  The location should be a place that your future fiancée will find special.  For many that may be a location that has meant something to them in their relationship.  For others this may be a destination that you will be visiting.   As long as you find the best place to pop the question for you and your fiancée, that’s all that matters.

Proposal location ideas you explore should fit the type of proposal you want, and you know your partner will love.  I have created four categories of proposal location ideas that help guide you towards picking a location that fits the style of proposal you want.

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Proposal location ideas categories:

Secluded: This category of marriage proposal is in a location that will just be the two of you.  This can be a secluded beach, mountain top, or even your apartment covered in flowers and candles.

Public but Intimate: This is the proposal category that would involve a public place but still be just the two of you in that moment. Example of this would be the Eiffel Tower or top Empire State Building or even a nice restaurant with a great view.   While intimate you may receive a cheer from strangers also visiting the same location.  This is the category I chose.

Grand Public Gesture: You want a location that everyone can see, such as on stage at a concert or writing “Will you marry me?” in the sky with a plane.  With this choice make sure your partner is OK with being the center of attention.

Involving Friends or Family:  Some will choose to bring her friends or family to the occasion.   The location should obviously involve enough space to comfortably fit everyone.  I would also suggest planning for people being late.  (If they are anything like my wife’s friends, they will be there an hour after you tell them.  So plan a buffer time!

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Now that you have picked your proposal location, let’s go to the next: Step 4 Asking her father

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proposal location ideas
proposal location ideas that fit the marriage proposal you want

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