Picking The Marriage Proposal Date

Where do you start when planning a marriage proposal? Step 1 pick a marriage proposal date!

Picking a marriage proposal date is step 1:  You have made up your mind you are going to propose to your partner.

Where do you start?  I recommend first picking the date that you plan on asking her to marry you.  Don’t worry – if you can’t decide on an exact date, start with the month you want to propose and narrow it down overtime.

Reasons For Picking a Date For Your Proposal

  • Once you have a marriage proposal date picked it puts everything in motion
  • If you are anything like me you may be a person who procrastinates so picking a date gives you a deadline to get things done.
  • Allow yourself enough time to get a ring.   It takes up to 4 weeks to get a ring made after you purchase it.
  • Coordinating the date with her favorite time of year, a holiday, an anniversary, her birthday, or a vacation you are planning
  • You may have to save some money for the ring.  Give yourself enough time to save.

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Now that you have the proposal date let’s go to the next step:  Step 2 Buying the engagement ring

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Planning a marriage proposal: Picking a Marriage Proposal Date
Picking a Marriage Proposal Date

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