London Proposal Location, London Eye Proposal

London Proposal Location, London Eye Proposal

London Eye Proposal.

What’s your perfect proposal? Have you been planning it since before you started walking, or has something recently inspired you? We spoke to the UK’s leading proposal planning and photography company, Captured Proposals, about their favourite proposal city.

It can be a lot of pressure deciding on a ring, what to say and the perfect location. So today, we’re going to share with you our picture-perfect proposal location for those of you considering an engagement in England.

London – the city of love

London Town: famous for its rich heritage, innovative skyline, and – of course- Queen Liz drinking Tea in Buckingham Palace with her little corgis. It has to be said (despite it bordering on being slightly cliché) London our favourite UK city destination for proposals.

Nothing compares with the views of the icy Thames and bustling commuters winding their way through the city- all beautifully visible from the top of the London Eye. Standing at 443 feet high, The London Eye was the world’s largest Ferris Wheel when it was erected on the South Bank in 1999.

The 30-minute round trip allows you to enjoy the stunning views of London 40km in all directions (that’s as far as Windsor Castle on a clear day) at your own leisure, whilst you sip on champagne, listen to a string quartet or get romantically serenaded by the voice of an angel. If that’s not swayed you, then perhaps the outstanding reviews from many of the 3.75 million annual happy visitors will.

With over 5000 people getting engaged on the Eye since it opened, the famous site promises a memorable and popular location for many- hosting a range of sedate proposals and fully orchestrated flash mobs among the celebrations. Besides, with an abundance of fancy restaurants, delicious eateries and more bars than London dungeon to drink in, the celebrations can go all night.

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See nearby ‘Foodie Heaven’ here:

So, all that said, if you’ve managed to stop salivating over the best pizza in London, can you think of a more picturesque location for a proposal than the top of the London Eye itself? We doubt it.

It may all seem a dream, but it doesn’t have to be!

Out of a range of our widely customisable packages, The London Eye proposal package is one of our favourite suggested location, and that’s quite a feat considering we’ve organised a proposal in front of thousands of people at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium.

Whether you’re a local resident or simply a visitor to the area, London has an unforgettable atmosphere, endless sights and exciting activities which lend themselves beautifully for a romantic getaway for two.

We’re lucky enough to support our customers’ journeys to picture-perfect proposals -like the above- with our jobs… and we can tell you that the magic still gets us EVERY SINGLE TIME. The hard work is undeniably worth it when we review the unsuspecting fiancé’s face and happiness radiating from the proposer on their photos after editing.

So, if you need a hand planning a picture-perfect proposal in the UK that you can cherish forever, we’re the perfect fit. At Captured Proposals, we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your proposal is the perfect moment for you and your partner.

About Captured Proposals

Captured Proposals is a UK business that specialises in planning and photographing your engagement. Our photographers will do whatever it takes to capture that moment when your love-filled eyes spy the small box, the exact moment the words ‘YES!’ are gasped and your first kiss with your fiancé.

Treasure your proposal forever and enjoy images that you can share with all with your friends and family for years to come.

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