What To Say On One Knee

How to ask someone to marry you?  What do I say during a marriage proposal?  Step 5 what to say on one knee.

So you have the proposal date, you bought the engagement ring, and you know your proposal location.  Now what do you actually say when you get down on one knee?  Let’s learn how to propose.

This statement needs to be personal come from the heart and most importantly in some way ask “Will you marry me?”.

I kept it short and to the point.  I didn’t want to memorize some long statement that I knew in that moment might make me fumble over my words.   I said her full name for some reason including her middle name made it seem official to me – then followed by, “You are my best friend and the love of my life.  Will you marry me?”.   Luckily, she said yes.

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Step 6: Now you have what you are going to say on one knee let’s just ask her to marry you!

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Engagement Proposal Ideas
Engagement Proposal Ideas

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