You Already Know How to Judge a Diamond’s Beauty

You Already Know How to Judge a Diamond’s Beauty

Special moments and occasions beg to be commemorated, marked, memorialized, recognized and remembered.

Other than photos, what permanent tokens exist to accomplish this? Flowers fade and parties end, so what is someone to do?! What token of remembrance can help a person remember each day, every day, as well as it can from the first day, forever, until the end of their days?!

Diamond. Only the everlasting diamond can be charged with the awesome responsibility to remind us of our special moments. Diamonds notoriety as the beautiful, enduring marker of celebrations is assured by its own characteristics of beauty and permanence.

First and foremost, they are the world’s hardest substance and unless you bang one diamond into another or sharply hit the diamond into another hard object like a wall, there is little risk of damaging one.

They are most certainly very portable. The joy that you feel can be shared with loved ones wherever they are at any time of day or night.

They can be personalized and displayed almost any way that you would like. There are endless ring and setting options with which to display diamonds, either large and small diamonds or even a combination of them.

And, with color and does not fade or proportions that do not change (unless you have the diamond recut for any reason), their beauty is permanent. This is certainly also helped by the fact that they are the world’s hardest mineral.

Yet, despite all of these qualities, the pricing and the thought of spending one’s money causes some serious anxiety for most people. This anxiety frequently leads a person to believe that they have to endlessly research diamonds so that they understand diamonds even more than those in the trade. They frequently do this at the expense of actually looking at the diamond. People falsely believe that the more they read about diamonds online or in a library, the more they will have the ability to accurately judge a diamond’s beauty, whether or not they are able to view the diamond in person.

Sure, it is smart for a person to want to ensure that they spend their dollars wisely and that they are getting the most beauty for their money. However, what they do not realize is that by studying facet measurements, angles, etc., they are literally looking at diamonds completely wrong. Even with the various facet and proportion measurement numbers, a diamond’s appearance may or may not match the image one has of the diamond in one’s mind that the numbers can suggest or not.

People have to understand that a diamond is an item that relies on visual beauty and, as such, it must be viewed in person to be accurately assessed and appreciated.

They have the same experience and tools in looking at diamonds as a seasoned diamond industry professional. They have their sense of what is beautiful and their eyes to see if the diamond fits into their personal, specific definition of beauty. This is simply not something that can be achieved online by reading about a diamond’s numerical measurements on a laboratory certificate or in a store’s description on their website.

Beautiful diamonds do cost a lot and the occasions that they celebrate are indeed special. However, there is no one right or wrong answer to the question of which diamond a person thinks is beautiful. As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!”

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