First things to do when you are engaged

First things to do when you are engaged

Did you just say yes when he popped the all-important question? Congratulations!

You must be excited, happy and perhaps still coming to terms with your recent engagement. Nevertheless, there are certain tasks to do soon after you are engaged. What are they? The team of wedding experts at Best for Bride ( shares the details!

Share the good news with family and friends

Let the social media updates wait. It is important to first inform your family, close relatives and circle of friends. Tell your folks in person. They deserve to hear it directly from you. Visit your parents if they are nearby. Else, share the big news with them over the phone. Then tell the rest of your dear ones. Once you have personally informed all those who mean the most to you, you can inform the rest of the world through social media.

Plan the date

Everyone will be eager to know when you will be married. So, it is time to rough out the timing. You do not need a specific date right away. However, plan when and at which time of year your wedding will be. Since the most desirable venues get booked in advance, this will be useful. It will also allow you to organize and plan things properly. Come up with a few likely dates and you can move on to the rest of the plans.

Discuss finances

This is the right time for both of you to discuss your overall financial situation, if you haven’t done this already. This article on the Huff Post mentions that money is one of the biggest reasons behind marriages that do not work out. So, it is crucial to discuss your finances before you proceed with wedding plans. Share details about income, debts if any, credit card loans or long-term financial plans that either of you bring into the relationship. This will allow you to plan your future accordingly and tie loose ends before fixing the wedding date.

Set a wedding budget

The type of wedding you have, the venue and number of guests are all directly linked to your wedding budget. Soon after your engagement, both of you should come to a consensus on the maximum amount you can spend on the wedding. Take a look at your savings, and think of how much you can set aside for the wedding. It isn’t wise to start your marriage in debt. So, do your calculations carefully and decide on a sensible wedding budget. If your families will be contributing, it will be helpful to know how much they can give.

Steps after proposal, Engagement, Wedding planning
Steps after proposal, Engagement, Wedding planning

Dream about dresses

Your wedding dress shopping will be an exciting, but time-consuming task. You should ideally start with it six to nine months before the wedding. Once you are engaged, do your research so you know where to shop and what to look for. Look to the internet and bridal magazines for inspiration. Shortlist choices you like and be on the lookout for discounts and special offers that will help you make the most of your budget. Shortlist the places to shop, so you can quickly book your bridal appointments once you are ready to start.

Decide whether you want a planner

Wedding planning isn’t easy, and many couples choose to hire a wedding planner. Consider whether you want to do this, and how to go about it. Wedding planners are best hired in the initial phases of your wedding planning. They can put you in touch with vendors, do negotiations on your behalf and handle the entire wedding planning in an organized fashion. Make a list of things you can handle and those that you will need help with. This, as well as the size of the wedding and the time you can dedicate to wedding planning, will help you decide whether you want a wedding planner.

Have your engagement ring insured

Don’t forget to get your sparkling ring insured as soon as possible. Do not overlook this step. Should an unfortunate incident occur and something happen to your ring, you will at least be able to replace it with the insurance. It may be possible to add your ring to an existing home policy. Check with your insurance company for details. If not, you may have to take a fresh insurance.

Enlist the help of your bridesmaids and groomsmen

An efficient wedding party can greatly help with the wedding planning. As soon as you have an idea of when your wedding will be, talk to the people who you want in your bridal party. Pick from close friends and relatives, but keep the number of members small. Those who you ask should be fine with spending money on their dresses for the day and happy to be involved in your plans. Find an interesting way to propose, and make this a special event for them to look forward to. Here are some ideas to do this right.

Steps after proposal, Engagement, Wedding planning
Steps after proposal, Engagement, Wedding planning

Start research on vendors

The best wedding service providers are quickly booked during peak wedding season. Once you know when your wedding will be, decide on the style. Then begin the research for vendors. Recommendations from friends and associates will help. Also scour through online reviews and get referrals. Keep your budget in mind, and shortlist vendors who will bring your wedding vision to life. If there are priority vendors you simply must-have, get in touch as early as possible to discuss their availability. Book them right away if you are sure you will be going ahead with their service.

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